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Kane, the Dog God – Gruumsh to the bogels

Tyr, the Defender – God of Lavinia, and protector of men.

Sylvara, the Faerie Queen – Mother of all Faerie, Queen of the realm of Faerie.

Arcanus, the Mysterious – God of sorcery, the aloof one.

Necros, Harvester of Souls – steward of the Veil, keeper of the Seven Gates of Ereshkigal, also known as Abaddon.

Elder Gods

Enki, Father of Wisdom – Created Magic, the world, the other gods.

Ishtar, Consort of Enki – Goddess of Love, War, Death

Dargeshaad, Al-Cutha, Ahriman, Orkis, Tenebrous – Cast from the heavens, Evil

Tiamat, Consort of Dargeshaad – Mistaken or confused with Settia


Erishkigal – High priestess of Tiamat?

Ushas – Predecessor to Settia

Settia – Goddess of Corruption & the Undead who emerged during the 7th Century. The goddess’ origins are unknown. Took the place of Ushas, who had been benevolent.


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