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According to Asmus, before 1 Current Era (CE) was the time of the Elder Gods and the peak of civilization. Dargeshaad was cast down during this Age, banished to eternal sleep. An ex-member of the Arcane Order sought Dargeshaad’s resting place, and succeeded in waking the elder god. Dargeshaad proceeded to wreak havoc on the world. His campaign of destruction ended at Mathghamnha by the Darkening, when an Archmage of the original Arcane Order summoned the Dragon of Shades, who swallowed Dargeshaad and went on a path of destruction itself.

Icatians refer to this as the Godswar Apocalypse. The gods of good won, but the world was blighted for four generations.

Korthans believe this was a war between Heaven & Hell. When Hell released the Darkness, they assured their victory.

Axis Mundi

Where creation of everything began. Presumably it is located at the Mount of Seven Stones. Links this world to the next.

Sylvnan has been taught that the Taltos were the holders of culture, and by the armistice hold access to the supernatural through trancing. They are the guardians for restless spirits and the mediators between entities and humans.

History begins in 1 CE, with the coming of the Dragon of Shades?.

Feralwood Archives

518 CE – Coven of 9 slain at the site of the old archive in what is now the Feralwood. It was supposedly the site of a Negative Energy Capacitor (which would explain the undead). A Monestary was built in the 7th Century. The Davidians used it as a sanctuary during the blood hunt instigated by Edard the Traitor’s in 668 CE. The Archive was built in 718, and dismantled in 918 after an Acolyte was found slain.

Sylvnan’s 7th Century Notes

Demon Wars. The return of the Fey. 5 Dragon Lords came on the East Wind, lasting 66 weeks, and bringing with them, the demons. The first to fall was the Sceradic culture in the East. Then the Hammadi. The Lavinians escaped the wrath for the most part, because they were a loose confederation of islands and cities. The armies of Korthos, Icatia, and Tyr (lead by Saint David) stopped the demon advance at the Iribus (red-black bloody river). David was filled with Battle Valor when he was fighting a giant ogre, and slew the leader of the Dragon Lords, DL Cinder, which was the first setback for the Dragon Lords. Draco Umbrae defeated David somewhere in the Skycrown Mountains (N. of Icatia). The sword of David became a holy relic, either Dwarven or Elven in manufacture.


1 – Enki

2 – Division

3 – Completion of a Cycle

4 – Man, Earth, Creation

5 – Divine Petition

6 – Multiple 2×3: Division of Completion

7 – Final Days, End of a Cycle with no new beginning

8 – Division of Creation (used in teleportation, as with the Mantlestones)


A 600 year old Hammadi tale states that a group of orthodox rogue knights, lead by an ex-knight wizard named Calvish Dormigan, founded a new religion named ‘The Order of the Shooting Star.’ They held the hill of seven stones against the holy knights. In the holy Sceradic Empire, the city of Gerion was destroyed by a meteor that fell to the earth (according to mythology, it was Cain’s eye, cut from his head by Tyr, that fell to earth, destroying Gerion. An artifact known as the Eye of Settia was rumored to have been taken from the site).


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