Sir Methos of Shane


A slight man with youthful features given to foppish excesses in dress and mannerisms. Methos is a native of Icatia, and local land baron in the Duchy of Domia, several miles south of Domglund. Sir Methos inherited the fief of Shane from his maternal grandfather, who was a member of the Hammaddi Zakharah mercantile house. His grandfather’s share in the trading company was largely debt to nobles within the city of Dashport and Methos was able to preserve his tiny fief by liquidating the failing mercantile house and using his own guile to blackmail his debtors. Sir Methos preserves his holdings by befriending his enemies’ most powerful rivals at court, and maintaining sufficient leverage against those who would oppose him.

A moneylender by trade, he is popularly suspected of practicing the forbidden art of sorcery and generally being responsible for most inexplicable events that occur in and around the environs of Domglund. Lord Methos earned his knightly title in 1378 C.E. by being instrumental to curing the magical plague afflicting southern Icatia, along with Viscount Aeric Dexter of Kent, Lord William Greystone, and his friend and mentor Guildmaster Joram Param.

Lord Methos is an ostentatious flatterer and opportunist who is constantly scheming new and often excessively complex plots to achieve greater wealth and power. Though his methods are often inadvertently destructive and costly, Sir Methos always takes great pains to compensate those affected and contribute to the greater good.

Sir Methos is usually accompanied by his longtime friend and mentor, Sir Joram Param, but at present the two have become estranged over an unspecified difference of ideals. Sir Methos is currently seeking out the current whereabouts of Sir Joram, and has taken an interest in the fight against Acemadecian Drake and the Equitis de Acontia.

Sir Methos of Shane

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