Campaign III- The End of All Things
We have come full circle

Saturday, 14 May 1381 C.E.

Sir Aeric Dexter, Viscount of Kent, Teldar Foxcloud, Baron of Westbarrow and founder of the Order of the Bow, Sylvnan von Korthos, monk of the Lethean Order, and Guild Wizard Eirsol of Mystral have embarked upon their third quest to stop the Equitis de Acontia, led by Academician Drake, from sundering the Seal of Geryon and shattering the Veil, the Ethereal Realm which protects the Mortal Realm of Heled from the Netherrealm and the demonic host that inhabits it.

Against them are arrayed the brutal ravaging Kannite Horde, led by General Akhkahru, who have sacked the great City of Dashport and are marauding across the Duchy of Estwich seeking the Eye of Settia. The Cult of Settia, led by Archheretic Sybil, are in hiding from the Equitis and have infiltrated the ranks of the Davidian Order and undermined the confidence of the King of Icatia. The Bleak Academy have attacked the Arcane Order in the City of Domglund and are moving on the Island of Mystral via the Viscounty of Kent.

Once again, the party ventures into the Kent family mausoleum, a hidden passage to a vast underground complex dedicated to the veneration of the dead ancient god Dargeshaad. There, below the lands of Kent, they hope to neutralize the Bleak Academy and relocate a mystical gateway to Dashport, where they hope to find answers to the misfortunes plaguing the Kingdom of Icatia.

After penetrating deep into the Kent Mausoleum the party discovered that the Bleak Academy had already established their presence within the labyrinthine complex. Led by the formidable dark wizard Belial the necromancers set about attempting to use the powerful Mantelstone to enter the Archive of Joram Param. Lacking the appropriate “key” to activate the portal, they unsuccessfully attempted to force entry into the secure vault of Aelric Kent’s private study.

The Bleak Academy’s efforts were interrupted by the arrival of the heroic band of men who made short work of Belial’s henchmen, and summarily dispatched the elemental spirits conjured to serve Belial’s nefarious purposes. The party’s confrontation with the dark wizard however, did not go so well. Belial used foul sorcery and deception to strike quickly whilst the heroes were divided and unawares. The confrontation that followed tested the party members’ resolve and stamina, as they were daunted by Belial’s powerful sorcery. In the end, with the assistance of two Lethean priests who joined the fight, Belial’s arrogance proved his undoing, and he was slain at last.

The heroes were left the worse for wear and discovered that the lands of Kent were under siege from the Bleak Academy. Rushing to the defense, the brave men met with Guild Wizard Asmus who assisted in briefing the Viscount and his band of the situation, equipping them for their quest, and restoring Guild Wizard Eirsol to his rightful form, which had become transformed into a gerbil during the fight. With knowledge of the Bleak Academy nefarious gambit gleaned from the divinations of the Arcane Order, and the notes found in Belial’s spellbook, the party once again set their minds to entering the Mausoleum and ending this dark conflict.


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