Icatia is the name of the kingdom from which my first campaign world was developed. The Icatia campaign introduced the people, places, and religions of the realm of Heled. Heled is a realm of fantasy. Heled is home to diverse people, beasts, beings, and adventures. These pages are your gateway to the lands and legends of Heled. It includes details of the nations, the peoples, the myths and histories. You’ll find out what and when the Warlock Strife was, how wizards labour to reclaim the lost magicks, and why the faerie turned their backs on the mortal realm.

On Heled, people are not just people. You will meet many unique cultures-Icatians, Dalesmen, Mystralites, Hammadins, and Lavinians, to name a few. On the other hand, some familiar fantasy creatures appear- lycanthropes, orcs, giants, and dwarves. Dragons once terrorized the realm of Heled, but unlike those in some other realms they were wholly evil elemental creatures who now exist simply in legends.

Since the Warlock Strife, which disrupted society and unmade the realm of Heled, scholarly knowledge has grown hopelessly confused. Every journey is, therefore, one of discovery. Once-mighty civilizations lie shattered and suspicious of their neighbors. Fearful folk distrust or revile their brightest and best, the Arcane Order of Wizards and the Knights of Saint David. Clearly, the time for heroes is at hand.

Heled is left with but six gods incarnate. These gods are not simply myths, or explanations of natural phenomena from a simpler time. These beings are strange and powerful entities left behind to claim what was left of the realm after the Elders perished in the Warlock Strife. The realm of Heled seems abandoned by the Elder gods. Besides them, uncounted pagan deities of obscure age and potency are prayed to with desperate hope by mortals, yet do not appear to their faithful or solicit worship as do the incarnate ones. They remain mysteries in a realm once wealthy in knowledge and power.


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